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5 Important Things to Check Before Clicking Send On Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Why is it that spotting errors in your email marketing campaigns is always so easy once they’ve been sent? Everyone and their nan has sent out an email only to realise within seconds that you’ve misspelt the subject line or your call-to-action button is broken etc. How embarrassing. 


The fact is mistakes happen all the time, we’re only human. It’s impossible to eliminate mistakes full stop, however in this blog we discuss some key things to check before sending your email marketing campaigns. 


So before you send your next Email Marketing Campaigns, refer back to this blog and go through our checklist:


1. Spelling & Grammatical Errors

We’ll start with the most glaringly obvious one, ensuring your spelling and grammar is all correct is absolutely essential. If you can’t be bothered to check your copy for spelling and grammar errors then why should your readers even bother to read what you have to say.


While most browsers and email marketing softwares will come with a built- in spelling checker, this may not always be enough. While automatic spell checkers can do a decent job, they often fail to address common issues such as wrong word usage, americanisms, britishisms and poor grammar. The best way to avoid these spelling and grammar errors is to get someone else from your team to check your copy before it’s sent, getting a fresh set of eyes on your copy lets people spot small and minor errors which the original writer might not find. 


2. Broken/ Forgotten Links

As mentioned earlier, the mistake of broken/ forgotten links is extremely common as unlike spelling errors, they aren’t always easy to see at first glance. In order to check your email campaigns for broken links you have to go through, click every one and follow it through to its destination.

*Tip* A common missing or broken link is when marketers use an image as a call-to-action button and forget to attach a link. Be sure to check your CTA before sending, as this is arguably the most important part of your email marketing campaigns, especially if you’re trying to generate leads. 


3. Broken Social Media & Sharing Buttons

While on the topic of broken links another common issue with marketing emails is broken sharing buttons and social media links. Checking that these buttons are functioning properly before sending your campaigns is essential if you want your readers to share your content with their friends or on their own social media, 2 excellent ways of growing your email list and your brand presence. 


4. Images + Graphics

Including graphics and images within your marketing emails is a great way to attract attention and engage your audience, however it does come with its risks. Images can be distorted and misshapen depending on what device or browser the user is viewing it on. Therefore in order to prevent this from happening you should send a test email and check your images and layout on various different devices before sending the actual campaign. 


5. Subject Line + Sender Name

The Subject Line and Sender Name are the first impression that your audience gets of your brand, so you’d think that these are often thoroughly checked and rarely contain any errors…. This is not the case. The amount of email marketing campaigns that we see with spelling errors in the subject line and incorrect email addresses for the sender name is shocking to say the least. Click here to read our guide on How to Write The Perfect Subject Line. 


Research by HubSpot has shown that sending your marketing emails from an address with a person’s name will result in higher open rates. For example:



Will perform better than 




In terms of checking your subject lines, be sure to check the length of them. As a general rule make sure they are under 50 characters long so that they don’t get cut off on different devices. 


Wrap Up

By taking the time to review and check these essential elements before sending your email marketing campaigns, you can significantly increase its effectiveness and engagement levels. Remember, a well-crafted and thoroughly reviewed email can make all the difference in capturing your audience’s attention and driving conversions.


If you would rather leave this to the professionals then let us cover all this for you. At Inboxx we provide bespoke direct email marketing solutions for businesses, getting you noticed by the people that matter and boosting your revenue.