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Don’t let a poorly written subject line ruin your email campaign before it even begins.

You’ve taken the time to craft the perfect email full of important information about your product/ services, but the work isn’t over just yet, arguably the most important part of the email is often underestimated and overlooked. The subject line.

The fact that subject lines are often an afterthought, written after the body of the email is an extremely backwards way of thinking. You could write the best email in the world but if it isn’t opened then what’s the point?

As your email will be competing with hundreds of others in a person’s inbox, standing out from the crowd isn’t always an easy task. Writing an engaging and enticing subject line is essential for getting higher open rates.

Here are some tips for writing that perfect subject line.

Keep it short and sweet.

Shortening your subject line, keeping it clear and concise is often more effective than a long and detailed one. Emails are often checked on a mobile device rather than a laptop/ PC therefore a smaller screen means less text visible at once, so make sure to take this into account. As a rule, try to keep the subject line under 50 characters and no more than 8 words.

Avoid Spam Words.

Subject lines containing spam words or words that are aggressively salesy will often be ignored, although it may be tempting to use catchy or clickbait phrases these emails will often be misconstrued as spam. Phrases such as “Buy Now! Free Today! Or Final Reminder” often appear in a person’s junk mail along with other spam emails that use ALL CAPS or excessive punctuation, so stay well clear.

Ask Open-Ended Questions.

Asking questions is a great way to entice the reader and grab their attention by inviting them into the conversation as a participant. By asking questions within the subject Line readers will often open the email to look for the answer and open rates are known to increase.

Utilise Numbers and Lists.

Using numbers and lists in the subject line is proven to increase open rates. A 2020 study found that email subject lines that used numbers have an open rate of 24.97% compared to an open rate of 23.34% for emails without. Researchers suggested that this is because people prefer clicking emails where their expectations are clearly defined and therefore it is easier for their brain to process.

Share Something Valuable in the Subject Line.

Creating value for your audience is an essential part of marketing strategy. Using a value-based subject line such as a Hints & Tips style email is proven to increase open rates.

Use A/B Testing to Find Out What Works for You.

Your email subject line is the perfect place to utilise A/B testing as the open rate of your emails is clear and obvious indicator of success, which can easily be compared. To conduct an A/B test simply send half your email list one subject line and send a different variation to the other half. Note which email performs the best and use this information to influence future decisions.

Don’t Forget About Preheaders

Preheaders and subject lines go hand in hand. The preheader is the first line of text that appears next to the subject line when looking at an email. Preheaders have become increasingly important as more and more people use mobile phones to check their emails, as when emails are viewed on a mobile device the preheader can often appear more prominent than the subject line itself. So, make sure your preheader includes some engaging text which compliments the subject line well.

Final Thoughts

Using these tips and tricks you will now be able to write the perfect subject line that will catch people’s attention and allow you to stand out. Remember to keep doing the A/B testing, further refining and improving your emails and watch your open rate increase drastically.