Why Choose Direct Email Marketing?

Are you a business owner not currently utilising direct email marketing? If so, why not?

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Plain Text Emails Aren’t Going Anywhere.

Direct email marketing is widely considered the most effective form of marketing out there. It is used by thousands of companies all over the planet because it has huge benefits; from the low cost, to speed of return, the ability to communicate directly with consumers, and more.

Advantages of Direct Email Marketing

The advantages of direct email marketing are quantifiable, things that your business can gain. A selection of the positive aspects are:

Low Cost

With direct email marketing, you get what you pay for – there are no hidden costs, you don’t need to pay for printing, postage, costs to distribute, or anything else. Direct email marketing represents immense value for money, particularly when compared to some of the alternatives.

Global Reach

Gone are the days where small businesses can only afford to advertise within their local area. With direct email marketing and the rise of online services, you can send your email marketing campaign to possible consumers anywhere in the world.

Reliable Results

One of the greatest bonuses of cold email is that you will always know how well it is working. Metrics like clickthrough data, open rates, delivery rates, and more can show the effectiveness of your campaign and allow you to focus your attention on areas to improve, meaning you can constantly streamline.

Build Relationships

Allowing your customers to feel a kinship with you can motivate them to want to continue to support you across years. Direct email marketing can be tailored to specific groups should it be necessary, making each group feel uniquely seen and heard, helping build relationships and rapport that can benefit you.

Long Term Success

Knowing how to manage your leads effectively is essential. We’ll streamline your process by adding prospects directly into your CRM and booking calls into your diary. This will save you valuable time and input, allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere.

No More Gatekeeping

Have you ever found the perfect client but keep getting stonewalled by personal assistants or employees who don’t have the authority to make key business decisions? Direct email marketing lets you bypass this and get into the inbox of the people that really matter.

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What is Direct Email Marketing Used For?

The beauty of direct email marketing is that it can be used for absolutely anything you need. No matter your circumstances, a targeted email marketing campaign can be a catalyst for positive change for your business, and hopefully for your customers too. Its purpose is primarily to engage with your audience, generate revenue and interest, and promote products/events.


Provided that you can find a healthy balance in the amount you send your direct email marketing, there is no better way to engage with your consumer base.

Consumers want to feel engaged with, listened to, and heard, email marketing provides a perfect platform to do this. Using direct email marketing means having the freedom to talk directly to your target audience in the comfort of their own homes, without intruding on their daily life.


Generating leads is at the heart of all marketing strategies. Some types of marketing, such as a social media campaign are designed to attract leads quickly and in abundance, but only in the short term.

Plain-text email marketing represents the opportunity for both. It can attract leads for your business within minutes, and thanks to the relatively low price, it is an affordable option for the long-term.


Direct email marketing is a particularly effective method for keeping customers informed about any new products/services you may have to offer.

People actively want to be informed about brands they like, and the more up-to-date you can be the better. If you want to find a way to keep your consumers aware of the goings on at your business then direct email marketing is perfect for you.

HTML vs Plain Text Email: What’s the Difference?

The difference between HTML and plain is effectively style over substance. While people may claim they prefer flashy, image heavy HTML emails, statistics show that plain text emails formatted simply perform much better  with plain text emails representing the best performing type of email marketing of all. 

Tests conducted have found that HTML-heavy emails appear to be seen as commercial by email providers, meaning that they can often be filtered out of inboxes before they ever get the chance to be seen. 

Plain text emails also represent a more personal experience for readers. Consumers don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to. Therefore an email that feels personal to the reader has a much better chance of clickthrough. 

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