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We send plain text emails directly to your target client.

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A Hassle-Free Service That Really Works

Whatever your industry, our bespoke direct email marketing services are guaranteed to generate real results and target the people that matter. No more dealing with Marketing Managers or Personal Assistants, just a personalised plain text email direct to the inbox of key decision makers. Let us unlock your company’s true potential.

Campaign Strategy

We’ll assign you a campaign manager that will get to know your business and help identify your goals. The next step is to design a perfect prospecting strategy that delivers results based on those goals. From start to finish we are here to get you business.

Target Market Assessment

Whether you know exactly who your target is or are still trying to work it out, we are experts in identifying the optimal decision makers within your market. Simply point us in the right direction and we will take care of the rest.

Email Copy Creation

With years of experience and data collected across several industries, we know how to create the perfect cold marketing emails. We’ll put together a sequence of targeted emails to generate you results without breaking the bank.

Response Management

The days of cleansing your inbox of bounced emails are over. We fully manage each and every reply you get, meaning that you only ever have to deal with genuine sales opportunities. We also remove any prospects who respond to keep your system tidy.

CRM & Appointment Setting

Knowing how to manage your leads effectively is essential. We’ll streamline your process by adding prospects directly into your CRM and booking calls into your diary. This will save you valuable time and input, allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere.

Regularly Monitor Results

Our job is never done. We will continue to monitor your campaigns and provide you with consistent updates, checkbacks, and meetings. We will also provide you with a list of possible opportunities and regularly highlight potential improvements.

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What Does Inboxx Direct Email Marketing Look Like?

Plain text email marketing is exactly as it sounds. No hyperlinks, no images, no fancy fonts; just clear and concise information that’s designed to educate, inform, and attract. While plain text emails may not have the glamour of those written in HTML, they can provide your business with a whole host of benefits.

Studies have found that more people will engage with a plain text email than its HTML counterpart. It may also be easier to get around spam filters or software that blocks generic marketing emails. Most importantly, a plain text email reads like it was written by you for your customers — boosting your chances of generating leads.


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