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Email Marketing Lead Generation Techniques To Boost Your Revenue

Email marketing has been proven to be the most effective online tactic for lead generation as voted by digital marketers. 

Many people underestimate the power of email marketing as they think it’s aged and outdated whereas the fact is email still converts better than any other channel, including social media. In fact, the average order value of an email is at least three times higher than that of social media. People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers


We put together a list of the best email marketing techniques proven to boost your leads and revenue:


1. Utilise Lead Scoring: Put simply, lead scoring is a technique that helps you sort, organise and prioritise your leads by ranking them from least to most likely to convert. For example if a customer has viewed a certain product or clicked a certain link, it would suggest they are more likely to make a purchase, therefore you may be inclined to offer them a discount via email in order to get them to convert.

2. Clean And Concise Emails: Sending clear and concise emails is crucial in converting potential customers. Emails cluttered with too many pictures, graphics and videos are not only visually unappealing but they also take longer to load and put more pressure on people’s data and devices. 

Marketing emails need to be clean, concise and to the point otherwise the look of the email takes away from the actual message of the email. 


3. Attention Grabbing Subject Lines: Writing an attention grabbing subject line is no easy task and is often an afterthought when creating marketing emails. It’s important to get creative with ways to inspire curiosity or urgency to click. Utilise elements such as bold, italic font, and emojis to capture the attention of your audience and draw their gaze to the most important part of your email – the subject line.


4. Include Strong Call-to-action (CTA): It is important to be clear in your communications and what you are looking for from your customers, otherwise you are just cluttering up their inbox and a call to action is the perfect way to do this.

All your emails have a purpose, so decide what that is and what you want the participant to do. Buttons, pictures and links can all be utilised as CTA’s in order to get the user to complete the desired action in the fewest clicks possible. 

It is possible to overdo it with Call To Actions, use them sparingly so as to not confuse your audience by telling them to do lots of different actions. 


5. Leverage Your Social Media Channels in Unison: Promoting your email list on your social media is a great way to grow your list. You should also promote your social media via your email list in order to organically grow them both in unison. Adding sign up buttons on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter gives your audience further opportunities to subscribe to your email list. 


6. Provide Value Content: Improving the content of your email marketing and providing real value in your communications is no easy task. But successfully doing so will reduce the amount of your contacts who become inactive.

Writing engaging informative communications takes time and research as you should be looking to provide value to your customers at every possible opportunity. Providing useful, objective information that addresses common issues and pains your customers are likely to experience is a good starting point and once you get comfortable with this type of information that fits your company’s brand values, you will start to find it easy to supplement this info with sales messages that will be well received. 


7. Incentivise Referrals From Existing Subscribers: One of the best ways to generate leads for your business is to put your existing customers and subscribers to work for you. By offering rewards and offers to your subscribers in exchange for them referring their friends to your email list is a lot simpler than getting them to refer their friends to purchase a product. 

Your conversion rate will most likely increase if you offer attractive and relevant rewards in exchange for referrals. Make sure that the reward is actually worth their while.


Wrap Up

These techniques have been proven to boost conversion rates, particularly for small to medium sized businesses. Implement them into your email marketing and start developing a detailed and effective strategy.

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