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15 Cold Email Tricks That Will Get You Noticed

Cold emailing is one of the most effective forms of outreach marketing at a digital marketers disposal and has been proven to increase leads, sales and revenue in an efficient and cost effective manner. Despite all its benefits it is often an underestimated and undervalued technique that people often fail to make the most of.

Recipients of cold emails will often find their inboxes flooded with messages from sales representatives attempting to sell products or services offered by companies they’ve never heard of before. But how often do they actually read them? Moreover, how often does a cold email result in a conversion, or even a warm lead?


We put together a list of 15 tricks that have been proven to get you noticed:


1. Be Friendly:

When first writing your cold emails always remember that it is another person at the other end, reading your communications. You don’t have to use fancy words or sound like a professor, if anything this alienates the prospect. Be clear, concise and polite, all the best emails are conversational.


2. Don’t Sound Like A Template:

As powerful and time-efficient email templates can be, they consistently fail to stand out. Your prospect has most likely received 100s of these emails recently and yours will simply blend in with the rest. If you must use them, then refer to them as a guide and don’t copy them exactly. 


3. Customise and Personalise:

One of the most powerful techniques to utilise in your email marketing arsenal is personalisation. Research shows that personalised emails have a reply rate 2x that of non-personalised ones. Personalise variables such as their name, company, geo-location and buying habits to make the prospect feel like they are receiving a one-to-one email. 


4. Have A Clear And Defined Purpose For Your Email:

Regularly sending emails with no purpose is a sure fire way to reduce your open rates. If your audience is consistently seeing your name in their inbox with little to no value provider they are going to start ignoring your communications and potentially blocking your email address. Sending ‘checking in’ emails are useless and provide no value to you or your prospects. Click here for our full guide on providing value in your email marketing. 


5. Start With An Introduction:

Similarly to what you would do in person, start off your emails with a brief introduction of who you are and what you do. You wouldn’t walk up to someone at an event and start bombarding them with offers and deals without introducing yourself first and email should be no different. 


6. Quickly Explain Why:

Next after your introduction, explain why you are emailing them. why it’s related to them and why it matters. This is where you will share your benefits and how your product/ service solves their pain point.


7. Prove Every Claim You Make:

Any claims you make within your cold emails must be backed up with stats or testimonials. Pointless unproven claims, come across as disingenuous and slimy. By providing proof for all your claims, this is a great way to develop a relationship of trust right from the start. 


8. Include Call To Actions:

In a cold email you are often prompting the prospect to undertake some form of action whether that’s a website visit, social media follow or purchase etc. The best and clearest way to do this is by using a clear and obvious call to action. Buttons, pictures and links can all be utilised as CTA’s in order to get the user to complete the desired action in the fewest clicks possible. 


9. Write Compelling Subject Lines:

Don’t let a poorly written subject line ruin your email campaign before it even begins. You’ve taken the time to craft the perfect email full of important information about your product/ services, but the work isn’t over just yet, arguably the most important part of the email is often underestimated and overlooked. The subject line. Click here for our full guide on how to write the perfect subject line. 


10. Use Laser Targeting:

In order to send the right message at the right time to the right person, targeting is your best friend. Targeting or segmenting your email list into groups of similar demographics such as age, gender, hobbies, shopping habits will create more personalised and relevant communications for your audience. The more personalised and relevant your message is then the more likely your emails are to get noticed in the inbox


11. Send The Email At The Right Time:

The day of the week and the time of day are crucial variables you need to take into account when sending your email marketing. For example, mailchimp found that the best time to send marketing emails is at 10:00 am. The best day of the week was found to be Thursday, however these results will change from industry to industry.


12. Don’t Be Too Pushy Or Demanding:

As previously mentioned, instead of being pusht and cramming sales messages down your audience’s throat, focus on being friendly. Be aware of the words you are using and don’t make statements such as “all i require is” and “all you need to do is”. 


13. Be Direct:

Get to the point! Be sure to stay friendly and formal but avoid fluff and filler. 


14. Have A Credible Email Signature:

The more reputable your branding and trustworthy you appear the better results you will see from your email marketing. Within your email signature be sure to include your name, job title, company and possibly even a headshot to give your emails a more personal feel.


15. Send Emails From A Branded Address:

In a similar theme, be sure to send your emails from a professional company branded email address.


Wrap up

By using the cold email tricks we put together in this article, you will be able to increase your open rates and get noticed in the inbox. Be sure to come back and refer to this guide and to make sure you are always maximising your email marketing and making the most of your data. 

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