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Many companies face the decision fairly early on whether to have their marketing/lead generation managed in-house by full-time employees, or outsource the management to an agency. This might involve one full-service marketing agency or a couple of highly specialised companies that are experts in their niche form of marketing.

Direct email marketing is a particular form of outbound marketing, and also a very particular form of email marketing. Working with a specialist can mean you avoid a lot of commonly encountered problems when getting started, but also contributes to significantly better results.

Benefit from experience

The most significant benefit of outsourcing any work to an agency is that you get to benefit from the expertise and experience of the entire company. An in-house marketer is excellent, but the likelihood that they will have more knowledge and resource available to them than a whole company who run hundreds of campaigns is slim.

We have data on the best ways to approach almost every type of decision-maker in different regions, which you benefit from automatically as a client. We have experience in the whole campaign, from who to target for different sectors, to the best styles of email copy to get you results.

Expertise in Domain Health

Sending a large volume of emails from your company domain can inevitably impact the health of the domain, and if not managed correctly can lead to lots of emails sent from your business ending up in people’s spam folders.

Our way of working involves setting up a domain that’s extremely similar to your existing one, which we then manage on your behalf for the duration of the campaign. We manage and optimise the settings, and have robust processes to ensure the health of this domain for the duration of the campaign. The bonus of this is that there is zero impact on your business’s actual domain from sending lots of outbound emails.

No unexpected costs

There are a range of costs associated with all marketing, and outbound email campaigns are no exception. From the platforms required to send the emails and manage the campaign, to getting a large quantity of high-quality data for you to email – there’s lots to manage and take into account for your budget. Working with an agency means that the costs are covered and there’s less for you to think about. With our campaigns, all data is included in the cost of the campaign, and there are no setup fees when getting started, so everything is rolled into one manageable (and extremely cost-effective compared to our competitors) monthly fee.

Time saved

You save time at two ends when outsourcing. As well as the costs associated with setting up a campaign, it’s also time-consuming. Ensuring you have all the information needed, crafting the perfect email copy, building the campaign correctly in the platform you’ll be using – it isn’t a quick process. We organise the entire process so that you don’t have to, saving days of input at your end when that time could be better spent, as well as you being confident that everything’s done perfectly and set up to get the maximum performance.

There’s also the hours of maintenance of outbound email lead generation once it’s all up and running. Clearing out the auto-replies and undelivered emails, filtering through these to pick out the leads, and managing the ongoing data uploads as you need more – they all take significant amounts of time that could be spent on other, less mundane tasks.

We have dedicated account managers who provide the prospecting and lead generation as a service, rather than just putting out all the work. They’re constantly analysing the data on your campaign, for example, particular times of day or demographics of people that get better responses, and amending the campaign accordingly, putting in all those thoughts so you don’t have to.

All in all, there are so many reasons you’ll benefit from outsourcing email lead generation to a specialised agency. If someone else has spent all day every day learning the craft, gathering data and trying and testing new methods, why would you choose to do all this yourself again when you could benefit from everything they have?

Outsourcing doesn’t automatically mean more expensive, and we pride ourselves on not charging any more than we need to, just because it generates huge ROI for our clients. Check out our packages page to learn more, or reach out to one of the team below to discuss how we can help you reach your goals.