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Email should be a critical component of any digital marketing plan. If you don’t use email marketing, it’s like leaving money on the table.

However, if you’re unsure where to begin, Inboxx is here to help.

What exactly is email marketing?

Email marketing is when you send a commercial email message to your ’email subscribers’ – people who have joined up for your email list and given you explicit permission to send them emails.

Email marketing can be used to educate, increase sales, and create a brand community (e.g., a newsletter).

Modern email marketing has evolved from one-size-fits-all bulk mailings to focusing on permission, segmentation, and customization.

How Does Inboxx Email Marketing Look?

Plain text email marketing is exactly how as it sounds. There are no hyperlinks, pictures, or fancy typefaces; simply and succinct facts intended to educate, enlighten, and entice. While plain text emails lack the glitz of HTML emails, they may offer your company a slew of advantages.

According to studies, plain text emails are more likely to be opened than HTML emails. It may also be simpler to avoid spam filters or software that filters out generic commercial communications. Most significantly, a plain text email seems to have been created by you just for your clients, increasing your chances of generating leads.

What can you expect from Inboxx?

Since consumers get many emails each day from marketers, you need to develop a strategy that distinguishes you from the competition and converts your leads into customers.

Thanks to Inboxx, you can build an efficient email drip campaign and send emails to hundreds of recipients. We use the appropriate tools to help you access statistics and see how many people join your email list, read your emails, and unsubscribe.

Campaign Strategy

Inboxx assigns you a campaign manager who will learn about your company and assist you in determining your objectives. The next stage is to create an ideal prospecting plan that achieves outcomes based on those objectives.

Evaluation of the Target Market

Inboxx marketers are specialists in finding the best decision-makers in your industry, whether you know who they are or are still trying to figure it out. Put us in the correct direction, and we’ll do the rest.

Making an Email Copy

Inboxx knows how to generate the ideal cold marketing emails based on years of expertise and data gathered across many sectors. We’ll create a series of targeted emails to bring you results without breaking the wallet.

Management of Reactions

The days of cleaning up your inbox of bounced emails are long gone. Inboxx handles each response you get, so you’ll only ever have to deal with real sales possibilities. We also delete any prospects who reply to maintain your system clean.

CRM and Appointment Scheduling

It is critical to understand how to handle your leads properly. Inboxx simplifies your approach by entering prospects straight into your CRM and scheduling calls on your calendar. That will decrease the amount of time and effort, enabling you to concentrate your efforts elsewhere.

Consistently Monitor the Results

Inboxx continues to monitor your campaigns and offer regular updates, check-ins, and meetings. We will also give you a list of future possibilities and will highlight potential improvements regularly.


If you’ve been neglecting email marketing, it’s time to reconsider your approach.

Email marketing generates enormous returns for marketers that understand how to do it correctly. It doesn’t have to be too difficult. For more information contact us today!