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Cost effective lead generation is the cornerstone of any outbound marketing strategy. All lead generation should be cost effective in the sense that it generates return on your initial investment, but this can be in varying degrees. Some campaigns will pay for themselves but only just, and some strategies take a long time and a lot of input before they begin to return.

The best type of lead generation does both – deliver quick wins so that you see instant results, but also provide you with a long term strategy that’s effective and gives you a long pipeline of qualified opportunities so that you can generate income in the long term.

Inbound lead generation of any form can take a long time to produce monetary results. This method usually focuses around content creation – social media posts, landing pages, SEO etc all take time to index in search engines. It can also be more difficult to measure direct ROI, as it’s hard to know which piece of content first attracted a prospect and what led them to buy.

The most common forms of outbound marketing methods include telemarketing and email marketing. Outbound lead generation as a whole is far easier to generate quick and measurable ROI, since they come with directly trackable metrics and identifying the lead source of a prospect is straightforward, so when they buy you can attribute this income to that strategy.

Telemarketing is a great way to generate leads, but it tends to be slow starting. It takes time to refine scripts and data, and for the person carrying out the cold calling to get under the skin of the offering and be able to put together a completing pitch to set appointments. Scale and output are also limited by a maximum number of calls that an individual can physically make in a day.

Direct email marketing uniquely allows you to reach a large volume of your ideal customers in a very short space of time. It is a direct route directly to the decision makers in your target market. Leads generated are highly qualified, and since the prospect has read your offering and how you can help them, and then responds to your email booking a call, the quality can be at least as sales ready as someone who enquires on your website.

Speed wins here, and a quick, personal turnaround means you can win new business in just a matter of days from generating the lead, leading to quick returns on your investment. We have expertise.

A typical email marketing campaign campaign with us consists of around 4000 fresh prospects emailed every single month. See below a breakdown of an average campaign, targeting senior decision makers at director level in B2B industries across the UK. Whilst we don’t charge on a cost per lead basis, it can be helpful to get a breakdown of approximately how much investment is required per qualified sales lead generated.

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Cold B2B email marketing with us works out at under 25p per email sent, meaning you get an incredibly low cost per lead when it comes to the calls booked from the activity. Our closest competitor charge almost 10x this, so it’s easy to get ineffective marketing if you’re looking in the wrong place. Just because you’re generating huge amounts of new business, we dont believe that justifies charging the earth for what we do.