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There are a series of ways by which a business can build a new relationship with potential customers. One of such methods, which also happens to be contested of late, is cold emailing.

The name might not tell all of the stories behind what it means.

When meeting a prospect that knows next to nothing about your company, what you want is to break the ice. After all, selling them anything at this point will drive them away. Thus, you need to warm them up from their cold states.

This is where the idea of a cold email comes into the mix.

Do Cold Emails Still Work?

Like we said in the opening part of this piece, it is a subject of debate as to how much cold emails can do for B2B prospecting. We don’t know what other marketers who believe otherwise have been looking at, but the data suggests that cold emails are still one of the best ways to get a prospect to know about your business.

Depending on what industry your business is based in, you won’t have the same email open rate as anyone else.

Looking at current research data, the open rate is pegged at between 15.22% to 28.46%. This shows you how large the range is – and also informs you that you need to know where your industry falls.

As a general observation, businesses in the hobbies’ industry get some of the highest open rates of all.

When you know what your industry should expect, you can set more realistic goals for your marketing team and campaigns. You also know what you are looking out for and do not just assume that they are not working just because you had been looking at the average figures for another industry.

Making Cold Emails Work Right

It is one thing to know about cold emails for B2B lead generation – and it is yet another thing to know how to work them right. The success of any cold emailing campaign is based on how it is executed.

Fortunately, we won’t just be speaking from our guts here but leveraging on what the data has shown.

For one, using the recipient’s name in the email subject line could assure you of open rates an extra 22% of the time. You can even guarantee a 100% increase in the response rate when you personalize the email better.

A mistake that we see most brands make is going into cold emailing with a single strategy. Seeing as A/B testing in the subject line alone will increase open rates by almost 50%, that should not be so.

Finally, do not forget to use short, attention-grabbing subject lines so that you can intrigue your audience into supplying you with a reply.


With these in mind, alongside a realistic goal, you can also get the best out of cold email marketing. Thankfully, more and more people are using emails today – and this is one medium that is not easily abandoned like other social media channels.

With better data analytics tools to help you send better targeted cold emails, all you need is the right strategy to enjoy the benefits of cold email marketing.

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