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What are the Benefits of Outsourcing vs In-house 

Have you reached a point where your business is in need of a boost? 

You may be wanting to hire another full time team member to join your business and work with your team on a daily basis or look to outsource that job/ role/ task to an outside source.

Outsourcing means hiring external resources to help you complete tasks or projects. The agency or individual you hire will be an expert in their field and will specialise in performing a particular type of task. This allows your company to save money and utilise full time staff members more efficiently, allowing them to work on different projects while you outsource what you can. 


Benefits of Outsourcing


  • The number 1 reason for outsourcing workload to an outside agency or individual is that it is normally far cheaper than hiring another full time employee. The cost of staffing, training and accommodating a new employee is drastically higher than the cost of hiring a specialist to complete the task.


Less Infrastructure

  • Developing and completing new projects can take a lot of equipment, manpower and time. Outsourcing projects switches the responsibility over to the agency you have hired and these agencies have the relevant infrastructure in place to complete these tasks. With the onus now on the agency you have freed up equipment and staff that would have been occupied, they can now work on other projects they are more suited to. 


Increased Efficiency

  • Using an external agency can often mean the outsourced task is completed faster and to a better standard than if you were to complete the task in house. Be sure to do your due diligence and carefully research which company you hire to complete the project as different agencies specialise in different things. 


Specialist in The Role 

  • These agencies will have a team of highly experienced, knowledgeable individuals who are well trained in the exact task you need completing. Whereas your full time employees could be great all-rounders with a large breadth of knowledge across many competencies, an external agency can have a specialist in a highly niche area that can get amazing results in that specific field.  


Downside of In-house


  • Using an in-house team to complete a project may at  first appear cheaper and easier than outsourcing however, when you factor in the costs of potentially hiring more staff, training current staff or increasing pay to retain staff  this can all dramatically increase the cost of the project. 



  • Occasionally the project needs specially trained individuals in order to complete, these types of employees are rare and worth their weight in gold. When training is required to complete a task not only does this increase the cost of the project but it also means huge delays, and you know what they say, time is money. 


HR + Sickness

  • Using an in-house team means that projects can be further delayed by employees who are sick or taking holidays. These issues are unavoidable and are simply a part of doing business. If outsourced you can avoid these issues as the agency you have hired  will have the resources in place to navigate sickness and annual leave and get the project completed by the agreed schedule. 


Lack of skills

  • Your employees can’t be good at everything. Many companies simply don’t have the in-house resources to complete certain projects to a high standard. As previously mentioned, training these staff members can be expensive and time consuming. For key projects it’s wise to hire someone who has the specialised skills in that area.



When considering whether to hire a new full-time employee or to outsource a certain job or task it is important to consider all the above criteria as it will be different from company to company. 

If you choose to outsource you are sacrificing executive control over the project in exchange for a faster, cheaper and more efficient execution. You can therefore devote more of your staff and resources to other projects that need to be completed. 

After reading this article you now have all the information you need to make a decision about where to outsource a project or to complete it in house. If you’re looking to outsource your email marketing and generate quality leads then Click here or get in touch.