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Top 5 Email Newsletter Tips and Tricks to Engage Your Audience. 

Email newsletters are a powerful tool businesses use to regularly engage with their audience and build relationships with their customers. 

With overflowing inboxes and short attention spans, capturing and maintaining your audience’s attention has become more and more challenging. 


To help you create compelling and impactful email newsletters, we have put together our top five tips and tricks:


Design Design Design

How your email looks has a dramatic impact on how your brand is perceived so, underestimate email design at your own risk. The design and layout of your newsletter is one of the most important features you need to get right. 

Well designed newsletters are engaging, easily digestible and visually appealing. 

Be sure to utilise all the email design software you have at your disposal and learn these platforms well. You can build and design your newsletter in many different ways for example: interactive drag and drop editors, customising pre-made templates or even writing your own email code. 

Keeping your newsletter content consistent with your brand’s aesthetic can be a challenge but once mastered, your audience will instantly be able to recognise your communications and will start to associate quality content with your business.


Optimise Your Subject Line

Not only will a well written subject line instantly grab your audience’s attention and make you stand out within the inbox, it can also help you avoid landing in the spam folder. 

When crafting your subject line, keep it short and sweet. Subject lines that exceed 50 characters will be cut off on mobile clients and with over 50% of people opening their emails on a mobile device, you are excluding half the population. 

Make sure your subject lines are descriptive, accurate and enticing, vagueness will kill your open rates. Avoid using spam words at all cost, words such as: Free, Buy, Click, Money will instantly send your emails to the spam folder and harm your deliverability.


Call to Action 

Emails that include a call to action increase clicks by 371% and sales by 1617%. Now while this may seem surprising, when you break it down it really isn’t. 

People are lazy and want to be told what to do. So prompting them and guiding their decisions with call-to-actions and well written copy is an effective way to get people to convert.

Be clear and precise with what actions you want your audience to undertake and remember CTA’s can be used no matter what your goal is, whether that’s website visits, brochure downloads or sales. 


Segmentation & Personalisation

Personalisation goes a long way in making your subscribers feel valued and connected to your brand. Click here for our full blog on The Psychology Behind Personalised Marketing. 

It’s no longer enough to just personalise with peoples names in the email, instead consumers now want and expect a completely personalised experience from the brand they interact with.

You need to be personalising your communications with product recommendations based off recent activity, location based content, abandoned cart emails etc in order to satisfy consumers craving for personalisation. 


Unsubscribe Button

Many marketers believe that including an unsubscribe link is counterproductive, however this couldn’t be more wrong.

Including a clearly displayed unsubscribe button allows for you to maintain good email list hygiene. By allowing people to easily unsubscribe from your email newsletter you can reduce the amount of inactive/ uninterested people on your email list with little to no effort.

Additionally, a clearly displayed unsubscribe button will reduce spam complaints which can ruin your email deliverability as people can easily find a button to remove themselves from your communications. Not to mention it is now an 


Wrap Up

By implementing these tips and tricks into your email newsletters, you can create email newsletters that resonate with your subscribers and drive meaningful results for your business.

Remember, building and nurturing a strong email list takes time and effort. Stay committed to providing value, and your engaged audience will become your brand advocates, helping you expand your reach and achieve long-term success.