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The State off Email Marketing in 2023 – Key Statistics

People have been predicting the end of email marketing for years, however the fact of the matter is that email marketing is still going from strength to strength. Rather than just take our word for it we have done the research and put together a list of statistics about the current state of email marketing going into 2023.


Email marketers make £40 for every £1 spent on marketing: The ROI is generally the statistic that rules them all when it comes to any form of marketing data. In this instance it again shows that email marketing reigns supreme over all the other marketing channels, including social media. The emails a company sends has the capabilities to increase brand loyalty, spark conversions and drive sales.


There are currently 3.9 billion active email accounts set to grow to 4.6 billion by 2025: Email marketings reach is at an all time high and is growing daily. With over half the world’s population having access to email it is clear that this channel has a significant reach, greater than any other form of communication. With more people purchasing things online than ever before, utilising an inexpensive form of marketing such as email has unlimited potential. 


Welcome Emails are some of the most effective forms of email marketing and have the highest profitability: People respond positively when you welcome and thank them for subscribing. Offering subscribers exclusive offers or deals when they first register provides great returns. Another reason for the success of welcome emails is they have a considerably higher open rate than the average at 82% this also translates to welcome emails earning an average of 320% more than other marketing emails, we cannot stress enough how powerful these emails can be. 


Over 60% of marketers believe that personalised email messages are more effective than generic ones: Personalisation is a critical strategy you need to include in your email marketing. Tailoring your communications to a person’s interests and including their name within your emails will drastically improve open rates and ROI. 


45% of Emails sent are spam: Emails are usually marked as spam if the sender hasn’t received permission before sending. With increased email privacy laws popping up all over the world, not receiving permission before sending email marketing can be an expensive mistake to make. Be sure to offer a clear and obvious unsubscribe button within your marketing emails to ensure your audience is refined and receiving appropriate communications. 


83% of B2B Businesses send newsletter emails: Newsletters have been proven to be an effective email marketing strategy, allowing companies to connect with their consumers and increase the brands credibility and authority at a relatively low cost.


Use these statistics to inform your email marketing strategy for the upcoming year  and be sure to stay up to date with the latest marketing news by using the Inboxx Knowledge Hub.

If you are struggling with your email marketing then contact the Inboxx team and leave it up to us. Our direct email marketing campaigns are designed to get you noticed by the people that matter and generate new revenue opportunities for your business.

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