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You recently initiated a new start-up and planned to breakeven by the end of the first year. However, generating business for your entrepreneurial venture could depend on a lot of factors.

The most crucial factor in today’s era is to advertise and market your product accurately and smoothly. However, traditional forms of marketing are highly expensive and not feasible for a new business.

So what can you do? A fine strategy would be to opt for more digital, subtle methods that include direct and indirect email marketing, amongst other ways to generate sales for your business.

Before we discuss direct and other forms of email marketing, let’s analyze the concept of email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing involves sending commercial emails to groups of people for business, advertisement, and solicitation purposes.

This method of marketing is effective for creating awareness about the products and services of a business and helps build customer loyalty. Therefore, this gentle approach can have a pivotal role to play in your marketing strategy.

Types of Email Marketing

Do you know which kind of email your business should be sending to your potential target market? What many new entrepreneurs do not know is that there are different ways of emails that may be sent across to the customer.

1.    Direct Email Marketing

If you have ever availed a service or bought a product via an email somebody sent you; then you have definitely experienced this kind of marketing.

Direct emailing involves building a marketing campaign that is directly sent to the customers, subscribers, or recipients via email. The primary purpose is not just to sell the product but also to build on an equation with the prospective customers.

2.    Cold Email Marketing

Although not known enough, cold email marketing is the process of sending an advertisement email to a complete stranger and without prior permission to send the email.

Cold Emails have some important uses:

·       Lead Generation: Cold email marketing can help stimulate interest in the audience for sales.

·       Form of Research: It is an extremely useful way to do market research and helps in identifying the target market.

·       Scalable:  Can reach out to an unlimited number of people leading to endless possibilities.

Benefits of Direct Email Marketing

The question is, why do so many start-ups and big businesses rely on direct email marketing techniques? Well, there are a lot of amazing benefits that email marketing provides and assists firms in.

1.    Low-Cost Marketing

This may be an obvious one, but it has a high impact on helping the start-up achieve its targets without struggling. There is no cost involved in sending emails to thousands of potential customers, making it the go-to technique for many.

2.    Delivers Targeted Content

Direct Email Marketing can easily segment the audience and work very well for those brands and companies that collect data about their different groups of customers.

This method has proven to provide good results by improving engagement levels for businesses. This is because the traditional way of sending the same formatted email to all kinds of audiences is obsolete.

3.    Personalization

Would you prefer your customer to read a message that appeals to him or one that is standardized and makes him lost interest? Mostly, all businesses now can send customized emails directly to their different kinds of audience.

Personalization can be as minute as adding the name of the recipient. However, it catches the viewers’ attention!

4.    Better Brand Recognition

Direct email marketing can help build the brand’s name, as emails can be branded by adding valuable and consistent content.

In the long term, customers might start anticipating your emails!

How to Use Direct Email Marketing to Generate New Business

In order to generate new business, the start-up or business needs to develop a strategy for more apparent and better results.

1.     Establish your goals:

Before you send the promotional email, make sure you know what you aim to achieve with your email and your ultimate goal in terms of response.

2.     List your email list:

You can filter from an already made list or make one from scratch; however, you need to determine which your targeted market for promotion is.

3.     Select the content you wish to send:

Your message can vary depending on the audience and your product. Marketers can choose from various options such as a newsletter, a marketing offer, an announcement, or an event invitation.

4.     Measure and Analyze Results

As soon as the emails are sent and opened, you can measure the feedback and results through Google Analytics.

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Direct Email Marketing is one of the best forms of low-cost and effective marketing in today’s digital world. If followed consistently and accurately, the technique can be utilized well enough to boost sales and generate business.