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Smash Your Fathers Day Email Marketing With These 4 Techniques

With Fathers day fast approaching (18th June) now’s the  perfect time to take advantage of this opportunity and tailor some fathers day specific email marketing campaigns.

While fathers day spending may not be as large as Mothers day, any gift-giving holiday means there will be a large overall increase in consumer spending so don’t miss out on this golden opportunity and integrate some fathers day themes into your email marketing.

With the right messaging and a clever spin you can take advantage of the fathers day holiday in almost any industry, selling any product. So many products can be marketed to fathers and gift givers.


So whether you’re a small business or an established player read on to find out how you can generate new revenue opportunities with your email marketing.


1. Scarcity and Limited Time Frame

This may go without saying but the deal or offer, whatever campaign you decide to run will have to be a limited time offer that ends fathers day. Utilising this scarcity and limited time frame creates a sense of urgency for your audience which aims to get people to convert quicker as they dont want to miss out on the opportunity. Be sure to highlight the duration of the sale or the number of offers available. 


2. Personalisation, Humour + Emotion

One effective approach to engaging your subscribers is by providing personalised messaging and gifting suggestions for Father’s Day. Analyse your customer data and segment your email list based on demographics, past purchases and behaviours and use this data to send personalised messaging, addressing them by name or identifying deals in their local area. 

Similarly, utilise humour and emotive language in your personalised messages in order to promote certain products, afterall fathers day is is all about family values, good times and precious moments so play into these emotions and tailor your messaging to include such. 

Same goes for humour, by playing into the dad joke theme and incorporating humour into your fathers day email marketing you can evoke emotion in your audience. Click here to read our full guide on how to incorporate humour into your email marketing


3. Stories and Testimonials

Following on from above, a great way to incorporate emotive language into your content is by using real stories and testimonials. As mentioned, emotionally driven content resonates with readers and can make your email campaign more powerful and impactful. Heartwarming stories and testimonials from customers who have experienced memorable Father’s Day moments or have appreciated your products/services make for exceptional marketing material.

Most of the time people don’t care what you have to say about your product, they want to see what other consumers have to say. Be sure to include reviews and testimonials in your content as these stories can strengthen the bond between your brand and your subscribers.


4. Interactive Contests and Giveaways

Gamification significantly boosts email engagement. Incorporating Interactive Father’s Day contests and giveaways in your emails and on your social media accounts encourages your subscribers to engage with your brand. 

Offer attractive prizes that people will actually want to win, not just a “5% off your next purchase!”  think more along the lines of gift cards, free subscriptions, or exclusive experiences, things that actually have value. 


Wrap up

Now you’re armed with this information, go out and smash your fathers day email marketing. Remember fathers day is a wholesome family themed holiday where families get together and celebrate the father figures in their lives so while you are also trying to promote your brand and products, try and humanise your brand as well.


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