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Engaging Gen Z: 5 Essential Stats For Email Marketers & What They Mean

As I’m sure you already know, email marketing remains one of the most effective and influential forms of marketing in 2023. 

Its reach and ROI cannot be matched by any other forms of digital marketing, but how does the channel perform with young people, specifically Gen Zers. 

With the purchasing power of Gen Zers rising dramatically in recent years, tailoring your email marketing to a Gen Z is now crucial if you want your email marketing efforts to be a success with the younger generations. 

In this blog we explore 5 key statistics about Gen Z’s interaction with email marketing and how these stats can influence your email marketing strategy. 


Who are Gen Z?

Gen Z is defined as individuals born between 1997 and 2012. According to a Wonderman Thompson report, Gen Z wields an impressive $100 billion in purchasing power. 

Gen Zers are known as “Digital Natives”– A commonly used phrase that refers to the fact that Gen Z are the first generation to grow up with the internet as part of their day to day lives. 

Digital natives will consult the internet when looking for any information, that includes: news, reviews, opinions and advice. They rapidly swap between social media sites, video streaming services and interactive mobile apps as they consume vast amounts of mass media and attempt to curate the perfect version of themselves online in their digital presence. 


74% of Gen Zers Will Share Their Hobbies and Interest Info in Exchange For a Fully Personalised Curated Customer Experience. 

Gen Z consumers value a curated, personalised customer experience more than anyone else.

Growing up with the internet means that they have now come to expect a fully personalised experience when interacting with brands.

Simply including their name within your communications is no longer enough.

As mentioned, Gen Z wants product recommendations, location based deals and unique offerings for the individual. 

Obtaining this data transparently is also extremely important, consider using quizzes and surveys to gather the consumer data, rather than following consumers around the internet and using unethically harvested data. 

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56% of Gen Z Consumers Have Made in App Purchases With Their Mobile in the Last Year

Gen Z’s love of mobile apps shows the importance of optimising not only your email marketing but also your website to perform well on mobile devices.
Businesses need to ensure that they offer frictionless shopping and purchasing through their website, mobile app or email marketing to create a seamless user experience for their younger audiences.

Features such as secure in-app purchases, option to pay with apple pay or even a payment plan go a long way and really appeal to the Gen Z demographic.



84% of Gen Z Consumers State That Their Favourite Brands Personalise Their Communications and Treat Them as an Individual

The days of one size fits all marketing are over. No longer is the aim to send out as many emails as you possibly can in the hope that some people are interested.

Instead your focus should be to provide value at every opportunity within your email marketing and personalising your email communications is a great way to do just that.

Building relationships with your audience and providing them with relevant info, product recommendations and relatable content can turn your one time, casual customers into loyal ones who return again and again. 


67% of Gen Zers Check Their Emails on Their Mobile Devices

Another statistic that highlights the importance of mobile optimisation. 

More and more people are checking their emails on their mobile devices, especially younger, more tech savvy – digital native generations. 

Failing to optimise your email marketing for mobile will alienate over half of your Gen Z audience. 

So when it comes to your emails, make sure your images appear on the screen, make sure your text is readable and your links are valid.



58% of Gen Zers Check Their Inbox Multiple Times a Day

With a further 81% saying they check their emails at least once a day.

We can clearly see that, despite widespread adoption of social media amongst younger generations and its highly addictive features, Gen Zers continue to place value on email as a valid and important communication channel. 

Some marketers may say that email marketing is dead, especially when it comes to connecting with Gen Z’s, however nearly all Gen Zers report checking their emails regularly in the search of information from their favourite brands and businesses.



Wrap Up

Engaging Gen Z through email marketing requires a different strategic approach that takes into account their unique preferences and behaviours. 

Optimising for mobile, focusing on visual content and deeply personalising email content means email marketers can effectively connect with this generation. 

With Gen Z continuing to shape the digital landscape more and more, adapting your email marketing strategies to cater to their needs will be essential for long-term success. 

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