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Email Marketing Industry Update : August Edition

Welcome to the first edition of Email Industry Updates! A monthly blog covering everything that’s been going on in the email marketing space. This blog will get you up to speed with all the latest news, current trends and upcoming events in the industry.

In this update we explore JP Morgan Chase; $4 million fine for deleting email records, Apple’s new privacy updates and the US military’s massive email blunder. 


So let’s get straight into it and dive into the August update: 

JP Morgan Chase Fined $4 Million For Deleting Email Records

In Email Privacy and Security news: JP Morgan Chase has been fined $4 million by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for deleting millions of email records relating to its Chase Bank. The banking giant deleted over 47 million emails dating all the way back to 2018.- Source



Gmail Updates Its Features For Email Marketing and SMEs

Gmail pushes on with developments for its mail merge feature. Companies will now be able to further personalise their email communications with Google Sheets support. The update will make it easier for businesses to conduct their email marketing campaigns and connect with their customers.- Source



UK Banks Email Security Severely Lacking

New research suggests U.K. banks are lagging behind the competition in relation to their email cybersecurity measures, with only 47% implementing Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC). This means that staff members and customers are more at risk to email based hacks and scams.- Source 



Tech Companies Hit with New Biden Barrier in their AI Development

As tech companies are racing to outdo each other in the development of artificial intelligence, president Biden has put a Big Obstacle in their paths. 

The 7 main AI developing companies, these are: Amazon, Anthropic, Google, Inflection, Meta, Microsoft and OpenAI will now be required to incorporate a “Guardrail” into their AI tech. 

The announcement comes after rising fears regarding the power of AI and what its consequences could be for the future of the human race as AI becomes more powerful and humanlike. – Source 



Apple Announces Latest Privacy and Security Features. 

Apple has announced more updates for its privacy and security systems. The tech giant has stated that “Privacy is designed into every new Apple product and feature from the very beginning” and “Privacy is a fundamental human right”.

These new updates include changes to private browsing, which will now offer greater protection against website trackers.

New features designed to help protect user safety have also been introduced, these features will warn users when sending or receiving photos that may contain inappropriate material. –Source



Email Typo Sends Millions of Confidential US Military Emails to Russian Ally. 

No matter how bad your day is going, it can’t be as bad as the US military’s email blunder. Emails intended for senior Military officials within the US were accidentally sent to emails registered in Mali.

The confusion occurs as email domains registered to the US military end in “.mil” and domains registered to users in Mali end in “.ml”.

This crucial typo has meant that millions of confidential emails have been sent to Russian ally Mali for the past 10 years! The emails contained medical data, maps of US facilities, financial records and planning documents regarding the movements of senior diplomats. – Source

Top Email Platforms July:

Below are the top email clients used in July:

  1. Apple: 58.55%
  2. Gmail: 28.17%
  3. Outlook: 4.33%
  4. Yahoo Mail: 1.56%
  5. Google Android: 1.48%
  6. 0.64%
  7. Thunderbird: 0.25%
  8. Samsung Mail: 0.15%
  9. Windows Live Mail: 0.05%
  10. QQ Mail: 0.05%

Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed this first edition of Inboxx’ Email Marketing Industry Update. Tune in next month for some more industry news, trends and upcoming events.

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