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6 Common Email Marketing Mistakes and Tips and Tricks to Avoid Them

There’s nothing worse than crafting a marketing email, sending it off and then noticing an error within the email. As there is no way to edit emails once they have been sent (currently), this error will be fast tracked straight into your audiences inboxes for all to see. 

Here are 6 common mistakes to avoid making in your email marketing campaigns:


Proofread at every opportunity: By inputting proofreading at every possible opportunity you eliminate poor quality content and errors that lessen the legitimacy of your work. The Proofreader at your company must have a keen eye for detail and leave no stone left unturned. If people find spelling and grammatical errors in your work that you haven’t bothered to put the effort in to fix, then why should they put the effort in to read it?


Sending from @Donotreply Addresses: One of the main objectives of email marketing is to encourage conversation and start a dialogue between brand and consumer. So sending emails from an account that isn’t monitored is far from welcoming and can often confuse and frustrate customers. Email marketing is such a powerful tool as it allows brands a direct passage into a person’s inbox, so emails that fail to let users respond may encourage people to look elsewhere for a more responsive, personable business. 

When sending your marketing emails, send them from an email address that people can reply to or if this becomes too overwhelming, provide consumers with an easily accessible contact form. 


Don’t let a robot do the writing: The tone-of-voice of your brand is a crucial part of your marketing strategy, it helps you to charm your audience and stand out from the crowd. When you allow AI to write your content for you, you quite literally, lose the human touch. Your communications stop sounding like your brand and become robotic and monotone. In a world of ever increasing tech shortcuts and automation, your voice is one thing that is personal to you and your brand, so don’t give it so easily. 


Excessive with graphics and photos: In the modern day, people’s devices are powerful enough to run advanced programmes and applications, however what still limits these devices connectivity, is data allowances and wifi connections. Emails that are heavy on graphics and images take far longer to load and with attention spans at an all time low, people will not sit around and wait for your detailed images to load, your email will be ignored and/ or deleted. 

Use images sporadically and sparingly, a little goes a long way when it comes to email marketing, so don’t go overboard.


Neglecting Mobile users: Failing to format your emails for mobile users costs businesses billions every year and may be one of the easiest mistakes to fix. With 81% of all emails now being read on mobile devices, if your email doesn’t appear well on these devices then you need to go back to the drawing board. Formatting your email for mobile should be clean and simple. Consider the limited real estate on a mobile device and write short concise paragraphs that are easy to scan through. Finally make sure you test your email before sending on different size devices 


Failing to track campaigns: Most CRM softwares provide tracking systems so you can track the statistics of your email campaigns. For a full guide on how to effectively track your email marketing success, click here:

Using the data tracking systems these softwares provides, allows you to see how your email campaigns have performed over time, use this data to slowly improve your email marketing tweaking and fine tuning the details. 



Email marketing offers an inexpensive way to reach customers directly, however poorly designed email campaigns are commonplace throughout the B2B sector and can easily ruin reputations. Use this guide to identify the most common email marketing errors and how you can take action to fix them. 

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