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5 Ways to Incorporate Social Media Into Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Having a multi channel marketing strategy is crucial if you want to stay competitive in 2023. The beauty of using a multi channel approach is that the failings of one channel are supported by the strengths of another. 


When using these 2 channels together it allows you to:

  • Extend the reach of your campaign
  • Grow your social media following and email list
  • Identify key influencers


We put together a list of 5 simple ways in which you can incorporate social media into your email campaigns.


Include Social Icons

The most basic way of incorporating social media into your email marketing is with some simple icons. These icons basically act as links to your social media channels allowing your audience to easily connect with you across platforms. 

As gaining social media followers isn’t always the main purpose of your emails they can be included in the footer as opposed to in the main body taking up valuable real estate. Every email you send has a purpose, therefore you should always include a call to action in every email. 


Use Social Share Buttons in Your Newsletters

Including share buttons in your email newsletter allows your reader to share the whole newsletter or individual bits of content contained in the newsletter. According to recent research emails with share buttons have a 158% higher click through rate than those without

*tip* “Ensure there’s an HTML webpage copy of your email. Then, code your buttons to share the permanent URL for the campaign. This is also what subscribers see if they click on a “View in Browser” link.”


Host Social Media Based Contests

Getting your email list to cross platform and interact with your brand on social media isn’t always easy, people are extremely busy and if something does not directly benefit them, then they are highly unlikely to do it. Offering compelling incentives such as a contest or giveaway is a great way to get people to engage with your social content. Try running a facebook or instagram giveaway on your socials.


Add Social Elements to Your Email Unsubscribe Page

While this may sound counterintuitive, including social links on a page where people are actively unsubscribing, however, just because they are leaving your email list does not mean they never want to hear from you again. So be sure to add your social icons on the unsubscribe page so people can follow through to their preferred channels.


Include Social Proof In Your Campaigns

Social proof is a term that was coined back in 1984 by author Robert Cialdini. In marketing social proof refers to when people are shopping they look for reviews and recommendations before making their purchase decision. 


  • 83% of consumers recommend a brand they follow on social media to friends or family
  • 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase
  • 82% of American shoppers ask for referrals and recommendations from friends and family before making a purchase. 


In your email marketing social proof is a highly effective tactic. People don’t care what you have to say about your product, they want to see what other consumers have to say. Be sure to include reviews and testimonials in your content to ease your subscribers minds and make purchasing a no brainer. 


Wrap Up

Be sure to use these simple steps and incorporate your social media channels into your email marketing for a truly effective multi-channel marketing strategy. If you’d rather leave your email marketing to the professionals then get in touch. 

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