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5 Tips to Get More Subscribers For Your Email Newsletter

Getting people to subscribe to your newsletter is no easy task. People’s inboxes are more clogged up than ever before, with recent research estimating that 281 billion emails are sent per day. Now, in order to get people to give up their email addresses, you need to offer them something of value, something that will benefit them and make it worth their while.

With email marketing being such an essential part of businesses digital marketing strategy, growing that email list and optimising the email newsletter itself is crucial in order to stay competitive in 2023. 


In this blog we discuss 5 Tips and Tricks you can use in order to increase the number of subscribers for your newsletter/ email list. 


1. Pop-Ups Aren’t Dead:

Pop-up ads on webpages are still an extremely popular way for businesses to offer services and subscriptions to website viewers. While they may be annoying for users, they are so commonplace online, that users have come to expect such ads and the use of autofill plugins means that users don’t even have to type out their full name, email or phone number, it’s all input with one simple click

There exists multiple types of pop-ups all with varying levels of intrusion on the screen: Drop downs, Exit pop-ups, Side Messages, Sticky bars, even Full screen pop-ups, all these can be productive when used effectively and are a great way of gathering email addresses for your newsletter. Just remember to make the headline offer a good one or users will click off quicker than you can say “Subscribe!”


2. Offer Unique & Exclusive Incentives:

Utilising exclusivity and scarcity in your marketing mix is a technique as old as the marketing profession itself and it still applies to this day. Making the lead/ prospect feel like they’re missing out on deals, valuable information or any other form of opportunity is an excellent way to spike their interest and get them to provide their email address in exchange for these opportunities.

Offering deals for first time subscribers, free shipping, sign up discounts, free content/ resources are all perceived as valuable offers by potential subscribers and are likely to convert them into subscribers. 

3. Social Proof:

In marketing social proof refers to when people are shopping they look for reviews and recommendations before making their purchase decision. 

Here are some stats related to how social proof affects shopping habits:

  • 83% of consumers recommend a brand they follow on social media to friends or family
  • 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase
  • 82% of American shoppers ask for referrals and recommendations from friends and family before making a purchase. 


In your email marketing social proof is a highly effective tactic. People don’t care what you have to say about your product, they want to see what other consumers have to say. Be sure to include reviews and testimonials in your content to ease your subscribers minds. Once your newsletter/ list has gained traction then be sure to advertise how many subscribers you have. For example: 

12,000 → 25,000 → 50,000 have subscribed so far, why haven’t you? 


4. Lead Magnets:

Similar to offers and deals Lead magnets are services or products given away for free in exchange for gathering contact information. Think along the lines of guides, white papers, research statistics etc. Normally contained in the form of a PDF that they will be emailed once they have submitted their info to you. Advertise this lead magnet everywhere: on your social channels, in your blogs on your website and watch as your subscribers increase exponentially. 


5. Encourage Sharing & Forwarding:

Don’t just rely on people forwarding your newsletter themselves, prompt them with a CTA such as “Share with a Friend” click here for our full guide on Different Call to Action Ideas. Now while it’s all well and good asking people to share your content with friends, to actually get them to share the content of your newsletter…. The content has to actually be good, so focus on providing value and addressing common issues your target audience may have. 


*Tip* Make sections of content within your newsletter individually shareable. For example if your newsletter contains 4 recent blog/ updates add options to share just one piece of content.


Wrap Up

Use these tips to quickly grow your newsletter subscribers, and improve the quality of your newsletter. If you would rather leave this to the professionals then let us cover all this for you. At Inboxx we provide bespoke direct email marketing solutions for businesses, getting you noticed by the people that matter and boosting your revenue.