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5 Tips To Craft The Most Compelling Subject Lines

The most important part of an email, the subject line, is often an afterthought for many marketers. Capturing your audience’s attention in the inbox is a fine art that can make or break your email marketing efforts. After all, what’s the point in crafting a well written email if it’s never going to be opened? 


If you’re struggling to write captivating subject lines then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog we detail 5 tips on how to write compelling subject lines:


Short and Sweet:

Subject lines should be as short as possible while still providing enough information to entice the reader. Getting the length of your subject lines correct can be a task in itself: If it’s too long it wont fit on a mobile screen and will therefore be cut off, too short and you haven’t provided enough information to entice the reader to want to open and read more. As a general rule try to make your subject lines in between 20-40 characters long. 


*Example: “Boost Productivity with These Tips”


Segmentation Is Crucial:

Segmenting your email list into groups of similar demographics is an essential part of email marketing. It allows you to provide a more personalised and individual experience for your users. Use different subject lines for each segmented group you create instead of sending the same one to your entire email list, as different people will respond better to different wordings and prompts. It’s your job to best understand your audience and segment them effectively. 


*Example: “John, We’ve got an Exclusive Offer You’ll love”


Scarcity & Sense of Urgency:

Marketing using scarcity and urgency are proven techniques as old as time. People are simply more likely to act when they feel a sense of urgency or fear missing out on an opportunity. By incorporating words that create this sense of urgency in your subject lines, you can encourage recipients to take immediate action. Limited-time offers, deadlines, or phrases like “don’t miss out” or “last chance” can help create a sense of urgency and prompt readers to open your email or click through to your content; however they also run the risk of your emails appearing slightly spammy. 


*Example: “Last Chance Alert: Grab It Before It’s Gone”



People now want, and fully expect a fully personalised experience when interacting with brands. Using personalisation is one of the most effective tactics to improve customer engagement, retention rates and conversion rates. Click here for our full blog on The Psychology Behind Personalised Marketing. It’s no longer enough to just address subscribers by name, you need to: include location specific deals and discounts, write subject lines that are unique to subscribers buying habits and personalise with content about customers behaviours and interests. 


*Example: “Alex, Special Offer: Save 30% on Your Must-Have Items”


Use Power Words:

Certain words have a stronger emotional impact than others and by using these words you can influence people’s behaviour more easily. Incorporating power words and emotional triggers in your subject lines can evoke curiosity, excitement, or a desire to learn more. Words like “discover,” “exclusive,” “unveiled,” or “transform” can generate intrigue, while positive emotions like “amazing,” “incredible,” or “life-changing” can evoke excitement and anticipation. Use these words and phrases alongside well written Calls-to-Action to drastically increase your conversion rates. 


*Example: “Discover the Secrets to Unlocking Your Full Potential”


Wrap Up

Crafting compelling subject lines is a crucial part of any email marketing strategy, but also a feature that is often overlooked. Follow these 5 tips to increase your email campaigns’ open rates and hopefully create new revenue opportunities for you and your business. Remember to continually test and track the effectiveness of your campaigns in order to continually improve your email marketing efforts. 


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