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5 Essential Summer Email Marketing Tips

Summer is finally upon us and it’s been a scorcher so far. Hayfever running rampant, bugs have multiplied by 100x and desk fans have been put to work.

The summer months aren’t always a great time for marketers with many people jetting off on their holidays, replies get longer and sales cycles are extended even further, the sunny weather certainly brings plenty of distractions. However, there are a few essential summer email marketing tips and tricks that marketers can use in order to make the most of these hot summer months. 


In this blog we discuss the most effective strategies and ideas for summer email marketing campaigns:


Content Ideas For Summer Email Marketing Campaigns:

Incorporating seasonal campaigns into your email marketing is a great way to boost engagement throughout times of the year where it may be faltering. For example a mid week campaign highlighting the upcoming weekend’s good weather is a great way to sell outside leisure items such as BBQ’s, garden furniture or sports equipment. 

Some other summer themed ideas, slightly more exciting and specific than the weather are:


Music Festivals

Festivals continue to rise in popularity year after year and the cultural impact of music festivals has never been greater. Their reach spans across many different industries from fashion to travel to outdoor living. Use your segmentation data to send targeted communications about festivals in the local area to your subscribers to really grab their attention. 


Sports Events

Similar to Music Festivals, summer sporting events are hugely popular activities that are attended by thousands and watched by millions. Events such as The World Cup, Wimbledon and Tour De France etc, are all excellent opportunities for brands to tailor their email marketing with, maybe try incorporating some form of interactivity into your campaigns to get people involved and engaged. 

School Holidays + Back To School

Back to school may be the worst time of year for the kids, but for older generations, back-to-school shopping and sales are a big deal, with millions being spent on educational items and products for their kids. Start your back to school sales as soon as schools finish in order to capture the extra organised parents, looking to get everything sorted straight away. 



Summer Email Best Practices

Producing educational content

As many of your subscribers may be out of office, or on holiday taking it easy, it could be a  great time to switch the focus of your campaigns from heavy sales themed communications to more educational, “how-to” and DIY content. This type of content provides value to your email list for no cost, promoting your brand as a reputable source of information that people will look out for in future.


Bold Colour Choices

Summer is all about bright and bold colour choices, try reflecting this in your email designs and imagery choices. Experimenting with brighter tones than you usually use will grab your audience’s attention, pair this with a summer themed catchy subject line and some enticing preview text and you’ve got yourself a perfect summer themed email campaign. 


Summer Deals & Sales

The classic summer sale is another essential part of brands yearly marketing strategies. Summer is a prime time for businesses to launch enticing sales campaigns that captivate customers and drive revenue. Incorporating summer sales into your email marketing strategy can be a game-changer. Be sure to create a sense of urgency with limited time offers and really highlight the duration of the sale and how they could miss out if they don’t purchase. 


Wrap Up

Summer presents a fantastic opportunity to inject some fun, creativity, and relevance into your email marketing campaigns. By implementing some slight changes to your email marketing strategy you can really boost your engagement and conversion rate over the warmer months. Remember to keep your communications bright and fresh in keeping with the good summer vibes and watch your email campaigns shine brighter than ever before!