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There are only a few communication strategies as widespread as email. More than 4 billion people around the globe use email, and that number continues to grow every year.

You can’t argue that email is an effective marketing tool. Not only is it prevailing, but cold emailing also continues to help businesses to reach their target audiences.

However, when it comes to cold emailing, it’s not just any message that will garner responses.

Effective cold emails are short, and straight to the point, and their messages are intriguing and powerful. For best results, every aspect of a cold email campaign must be carefully prepared and implemented.

Benefits of Cold Emailing

There are many reasons why cold emailing remains such a popular marketing strategy. When done correctly, it’s highly effective.

And most importantly, it’s cost-effective, practically nothing. Giving any positive results and a profitable return on investment. Cold emailing benefits sales and marketing professionals in the following ways:

  • Cold emails reach people – For many individuals, much of their free time is spent online, checking their inboxes. Cold emails effectively reach the right person whenever happens to be the best time to read them.
  • Email can be personalised – People respond to personalised strategies. Cold emails are simple to customise, adding a vital personal touch with very little extra time or effort.
  • Emails are informative – Email can be made more informative than a phone call.
  • Cold emails boost brand awareness – Even cold emails that don’t result in direct sales are effective at increasing prospects’ awareness of a brand. That increased brand awareness takes sales reps one step closer to converting a prospect into a new client.
  • Email campaigns can be tracked and measured – By using cold email software, a sales team can track the success of their email campaigns, using the data to refine their cold emailing strategies.


11 Best Cold Email Tips For Success

If you are planning to launch a successful cold email campaign or you are planning the first cold email campaign for your small business or start-up, or you are simply training your sales reps to master the art of cold emailing, these 12 cold email tips will help you get positive results:

Formulate an Engaging Subject line

A cold email subject line has been anointed as the key element that opens the door to your message. It can determine whether a potential prospect opens the email and reads the content or sends it straight to the bin.

A simple subject line is fundamental to an effective cold email campaign. However, subject lines must also be intriguing and inviting enough to grab recipients’ attention and make them want to read more.

Reference a Cold Email Template

If you are new to the world of cold email marketing, there’s nothing wrong with referencing a template for guidance when composing your first cold email. Cold email templates are available for a variety of purposes, including sales emails.

Following a simple template will provide elements of a successful cold email, and they can be customised for any brand or market. Small business owners and marketing professionals can easily find a combination of cold email templates online, or they can rely on templates provided by their cold email software of choice.

Personalise the Details

Now, we can’t stress this enough.

Cold email campaigns can’t be effective if an email recipient sends their messages straight to the spam folder. Even worse, the email can be a victim of SPAM before it is even the prospect sees the email.

Personalised cold email is key to the success of a campaign.

The email must appear as if it was formed especially for the recipient. Save time with cold email software that will personalise the details for you based on each potential customer’s data.

Choosing the Right Cold Email Software

Creating a cold email campaign from scratch might seem like a daunting task, but a sales manager or small business owner can save time and effort by relying on a variety of cold email software tools.

The software helps facilitate cold email outreach by providing templates, tracking results and automating much of the emailing process, including personalisation and sending follow-up emails. At Inboxx we have our own cold email software tool, that allows us to formulate the perfect personalised messages.

Develop a Powerful Cold Email Strategy

A cold email strategy is essential for a successful email campaign. What do you hope to accomplish from your cold outreach email and how do you plan to achieve that result? It’s not enough just to write cold emails, send them and hope for sales.

Every aspect of the email campaign – from the engaging subject line to the follow-up schedule – should conform to a purpose, and results need to be tracked so the strategy can be improved based on results.

Important note to remember: to follow up

One email isn’t always enough to convert a recipient to a new customer.

Every cold email campaign should include at least two to three follow-up emails for a successful cold email campaign. Following up with the recipient helps inform the potential customers and most importantly increases brand awareness.

We know, cold emails can be a little daunting and time-consuming task, but in the long run, it’s worth it!

Just like the subject line, edit the ‘From’ details

Email recipients always pay attention to who is sending an email, specifically spam-wary customers. If the sender appears untrustworthy, the email is unlikely to be opened. The “from” line of your email settings can be edited at any time, and you can identify yourself however you choose.

Just as you want to carefully select your subject line, you also should carefully formulate your sender details to match the tone of your cold email while encouraging trust and authority.

Leading to our next tip.

You Need A Email Signature

When it comes to email marketing, don’t ignore the email signature when creating a successful cold email.

Your signature should not only tell recipients who you are, but who you work for, and your job title, including important details informing readers where they can learn more about the product, brand or company.

Add a Compelling Call to Action

Your cold email campaign is basically a sales strategy, and like any other, it must include an influential call to action.

Don’t assume that email recipients will know what action you wish for them to take.

Do you want email recipients to book a call? Do you want them to visit a website, or attend an event? Then make sure you ask for it! Many successful cold emails include multiple calls to action for recipients to read as they scroll through the message.

Create a Rememberable Introduction

Once a recipient opens an email, they will decide within a few seconds whether or not they will continue to read the message or send it to the junk folder. The introduction must capture their attention and immediately engage them.

An effective cold email introduction should only include a couple of sentences, but those sentences need to be powerful. Find a way to intrigue recipients, making them want to read more while keeping the message relevant to the overall subject.

Value, Value, Value

When constructing an email it is important to consider why should recipients be interested in your brand or service. But, you don’t your emails too heavily salesy. So, instead of bragging about new service features, inform cold email recipients of benefits, and what they can gain from your brand.