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10 Call To Action Stats Email Marketers Need To Know

A well designed call to action has the power to transform your email marketing campaigns. Whether the objective of your campaign is to convert customers, gain subscribers for your newsletter, or generate downloads for a resource, an efficient and effective CTA is essential. To optimise your email campaigns and boost their effectiveness, it’s essential to stay informed about the latest CTA statistics. 


In this blog post, we’ll explore ten key CTA stats that every email marketer should know:


Personalised call to actions perform 202% better than regular CTAs- Source

Emails with personalised CTAs have a 202% higher CTR compared to generic CTAs. By leveraging your recipient’s name, preferences and behaviours you can create tailored CTAs that resonate with individual recipients. Personalisation adds a human touch and makes your emails more relevant. Click here to read our full guide on the Psychology behind personalised marketing. 


Red Call To Action Buttons Consistently Outperform Green Ones- Source

Colour psychology really does matter. The colour of your CTA can significantly impact click-through rates. Red CTAs have been found to generate higher conversion rates, closely followed by green, orange, and yellow. The red colouring is thought to evoke feelings of urgency and limited availability, intended to prompt action. Choose colours that complement your brand while creating a sense of urgency or excitement to entice recipients to take action.


Call to Actions in text blogs increase conversion by 121%- Source

Banner ads have now become a thing of the past. While they still exist today their usefulness is in somewhat of a decline as digital marketing develops and evolves at such a rapid rate. CTA’s embedded into blog text have been proven to be extremely effective and can increase conversion rates by up to 121%. 


Email Marketing with a CTA increases sales by approximately 1,617% – Source

Failing to include a call to action in your email marketing campaigns is a foolproof way to completely ruin your email marketing efforts. Research has shown that including just one CTA in your marketing emails can increase sales by 1617%. This stat is proof of the power of a simple CTA. People are lazy and so if you aren’t asking them to do anything, or, if you’re asking too much from them, then they will simply lose interest and click off. 


The Average Email Call to Action has a CTR of between 3-5%- Source

Databox has collected data on CTAs and the average click through rate they achieve. They have found that a good benchmark to aim for is between 3-5%. That’s not to say that achieving a CTR higher than 5% is impossible, as the top 10% of websites stated that with properly optimised pages and CTA buttons they can see CTR’s of around 11.5%. 


Call To Actions that are shaped like buttons increased clicks by 45% – Source

CTAs presented as buttons can increase your CTR by 45%. Designing buttons that stand out and appear to be interactive, makes it easier for recipients to recognize and click on them. Optimise your CTAs by designing visually appealing buttons that are easy to spot when people are scanning the screen. 


CTAs That Include an Arrow Icon at the End Increased Clicks by 26% – Source

A recent study by Helzberg Diamonds has shown that there was a 26% increase in CTR when the button had an arrow icon inside it. As we mentioned, the colour shape and design of your CTA buttons has a dramatic effect on your email marketing. Audiences like visually appealing graphics and features so make sure to provide them the goods.


CTAs That Are Surrounded by Less Clutter and More White Space Increase Clicks by 232% – Source

Another recent report by VWO found that removing the clutter around the CTA can result in an increase in clicks of 232%. Increasing your usage of white space especially in the region around your CTA button can remove unnecessary distractions and increase focus leading to a direct increase in clicks. 


Keyword optimised Call to Actions in blogs increase conversion by 87% – Source

Investing in keyword research for your niche/ industry and applying your findings to your CTA’s is another effective way to increase your conversion rates. There exists many different platforms to do your keyword research on, so invest now and watch as your conversion rates go up.


70% of B2B SMEs Lack a Call to Action on Their Website – Source

A report done on Small Business Trends found that 70% of SMEs don’t include a CTA on their website. That’s nearly ¾ of small businesses missing out on potential revenue and customers for simply not including a CTA button. 


Wrap Up

By understanding and incorporating these 10 CTA statistics into your email marketing strategy, you can optimise your campaigns for higher engagement rates, increased click-through rates, and improved conversions. Remember to personalise, and analyse your CTAs to continually refine your approach and achieve better results. With a well-crafted CTA, you can motivate your recipients to take action and achieve your email marketing goals.