Privacy Policy

We are an email marketing company creating direct email marketing campaigns that target our clients ideal prospects. Our process uses  publicly available data to identify sales prospects for our clients. Client privacy is of the utmost importance at Inboxx, we take our responsibilities seriously and will always respond quickly and courteously to any request. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the handling of data then please contact the relevant people below:

1. Our GDPR and Data Protection Policy

  1. Inboxx are committed to safeguarding the privacy and accuracy of the personal data of Our website visitors, service users and email recipients.

  2. This policy applies only where we are acting as a Controller of personal data in reference to website visitors, Clients, email recipients, personal data collected from third parties and any other data where we determine its purposes and processing of that data.

  3. This policy also applies to third-party, personal data supplied to us by our Clients.

  4. Within this policy, any reference to ‘data subject’ means a natural person whose data is processed by Inboxx or The Client.

2. How do Inboxx process your personal data? 

  1. We may process personal data for website users, including those who enquire, in terms of their IP address, geographical location, browser, operating system, referral source, length of visit and information regarding the frequency of visits to the website. We do this for legitimate legal and business reasons in terms of improving our offering and tailoring our services to prospective clients. 

  2. When you become a Client we may process your account data including, but not limited to, your name, email address, company name and any other relevant contact information relating to business activity. This is again for legitimate legal and business purposes.

  3. We also may process personal information found on social networking sites and profiles and any other information made publicly available. This data includes but is not limited to name, employment information, education details and relevant information. This is for both legitimate legal and business purposes in relation to business development. 

  4. If any legal claims are made in relation to data where necessary Inboxx may ascertain any publicly available personal data as necessary for the legal claim whether in court or administrative proceedings. 

  5. Where we purchase data from third parties we ensure that all suppliers has the appropriate and lawful basis to supply that data and ensure they are GDPR compliant in their relevant regulatory climate.

  6. In relation to all data our processing strategy is always legally compliant and in the best interests and consideration of our clients and third parties who are related to our business activity. 

  7. We continually undertake Interest and Data Protection Impact Assessments to ensure our services are relevant and do not infringe on any third party data protection rights.

3. Sources of Personal Data:

  1. We use a range of private and public sources to obtain personal data to provide services to our Clients. We only ever source personal data in relation to our Clients specific target market and who we believe our Clients can generate qualified sales opportunities with. As stated, we also ensure that these sources are GDPR-compliant in their own regulatory climate.

4. Sharing Your personal data with third parties: 

  1. Inboxx do not sell or share your personal data with other companies or third parties. We only collect personal data in the best interests of the business as outlined in our details of service with The Client. 

  2. We share that data only with an individual, specific Client. 

  3. We may share our personal data with any member of our group of companies including but not limited to StraightIn Ltd and Astute Aviation, as reasonable for the purposes of business. 

  4. Personal information and data pay be shared with our legal team or insurers as necessary with any claims that may arise through our working relationship. We may also share data as required by law.

  5. Inboxx cannot take any responsibility for the misuse of personal data via external website links. This privacy policy applies only to the direct business and website of Inboxx.

5. By using our website you are therefore agreeing to this policy.

6. Inboxx may use automated processing to verify personal data and determine whether to contact a prospective customer as part of a campaign on behalf of our clients. This is to ensure that we are providing the best service possible to our clients and no irrelevant information is being collected.

7. Your rights as a data subject:

Under Data Protection Law in the UK. Your rights are as follows; 

  1. The right to be informed

  2. The right to access

  3. The right to rectification

  4. The right to erasure

  5. The right to restrict processing

  6. The right to object processing

  7. The right to data portability

  8. Rights relating to automated processing of personal data

  9. The right to complain to a relevant authority

  10. The right to withdraw consent

  11. You have the right to re

If you have any questions or would like some more information regarding these rights please contact:

8. Amendments to this policy:

  1. Inboxx have the right to update this policy occasionally by publishing a new version on our website 

  2. It is the responsibility of The Client to regularly check the Inboxx website and check they are up to date with the changes