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Why Outsource Direct Email Lead Generation

By |March 3, 2021|News|

Many companies face the decision fairly early on whether to have their marketing/lead generation managed in-house by full-time employees, or outsource the management to an agency. This might involve one full-service marketing agency or a [...]

  • Mailchimp vs Inboxx-01

Mailchimp vs Inboxx

By |February 23, 2021|News|

When you think of email marketing, the first thing that pops into everyone's heads is those colourful, newsletter style emails promoting services or products that you may or may not be interested in. The average [...]

  • The importance of good data

The Importance of Good Data for Direct Email Marketing

By |November 25, 2020|News|

Email marketing has been one of the highest performing outbound lead generation throughout the 2020. Everyone is sick of pandemic talk (so are we!), but it’s also important to be aware of the changes you [...]

  • Why Direct Email Marketing Is So Effective-01

Why Direct Email Marketing Is So Effective.

By |March 11, 2019|News|

There are a series of ways by which a business can build a new relationship with potential customers. One of such methods, which also happens to be contested of late, is cold emailing. The name [...]