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  • Email Marketing for Finance Companies

Email Marketing for Finance Companies

By |March 1, 2022|News|

Even though the death knell for email marketing has sounded for the better part of a decade, email as a channel remains the gold standard when it comes to return on investment (ROI) for digital [...]

  • Inboxx | Benefits of Email Marketing

The Benefits of Email Marketing

By |February 1, 2022|News|

Social media has become a behemoth over the past decade, changing how people across the world interact and communicate with one another. It has also changed how brands communicate with their consumers. As an email [...]

  • Email Marketing for Recruitment

Email Marketing for Recruitment

By |January 25, 2022|News|

You're most likely already utilising email marketing to reach out to your target consumers. However, are you utilising email to assist with your recruiting efforts? Any marketer will tell you that email marketing (done correctly) [...]

  • Email Marketing for events

Email Marketing for Events

By |January 14, 2022|News|

As an event coordinator, you have a LOT on your plate. You must choose a location, engage artists, plan food, drinks, gift bags, electronics, transportation, and so on. Fortunately, there is one tool to utilise [...]

  • The Perfect Sales Email | Inboxx

The Perfect Sales Email

By |December 15, 2021|News|

It takes a lot of effort to create excellent sales email templates. You must be interesting enough to capture readers' attention, compelling enough to keep their attention long enough for them to read your full [...]